Beat the heat this summer with this Cool Blades wearable fan

Beat the heat this summer with this Cool Blades wearable fan
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How hot is it? We’re sure that you could come up with some pretty good answers to that question if you don’t melt beforehand. And to help you avert that outcome, we suggest keeping these Cool Blades 4.0 on hand, or rather, around your neck.

In case you’re living on another planet and haven’t experienced the record-breaking temperatures, we’d like to inform you that the whole world is feeling the heat. Even the Arctic and the Antarctic have recorded above-normal temperatures. Climate change is wreaking havoc with our environment and has become a global concern.

While the scientists and the powers-that-be diligently determine what we should be doing as a whole to try to reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully help improve air quality and stabilize temperatures, we are doing our personal best to try and stay cool. Besides that uncomfortable sweaty feeling, overheating our bodies can have negative health effects, including heat stroke. There are actually smartwatches available now that will inform you if your body temperature is rising above normal, but one way to help prevent that from even happening is by wearing a portable fan.

Yes, you heard that right. Cool Blades is a flexible, hands-free fan that slips around your neck and emits a powerful breeze, keeping the heat at bay and you more comfortable. You can adjust the angle of airflow and regulate the speed to ensure that cool air hits you where you need it most. The rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of sweet relief while the internal fan blades will ensure that your hair or clothes don’t get caught in the device.

So as we continue to do our part to help make the Earth a better, healthier place to live for us and future generations, we need to keep our cool. Regularly priced at $120, this twin-blade, dual-fan is now only $32.99, a 72% discount. Beating the heat and saving money – that’s a duo you have to love.

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