Ditch your old tape measure. The VH-80 is about to make your life easier

Ditch your old tape measure. The VH-80 is about to make your life easier
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Over 500,000 people are treated yearly for ladder-related injuries. We have no clue as to how many of those were climbing that ladder while trying to measure, but even if it’s just one, this innovative gadget will have kept that person safe.

If you have ever undergone home renovations, or done any DIY jobs around your house, you’re likely pretty familiar with the standard measuring tape. There’s a limited length to it, and often when measuring a long distance, you need someone to help you. But probably the most frustrating is when what needs to be measured is higher than you can reach and out comes the ladder. Not only can climbing up and down be potentially dangerous (hence the high statistics quoted above), but the job becomes nigh impossible unless you have an assistant on the other end.

Time to bring measuring into the 21st century. This VH-80 is the most advanced laser distance measurer on the market. By shooting pulses of laser light from two sources in opposite directions, the VH-80 can calculate the distance between itself and what needs to be measured. If situated in between, say, two walls, it will measure the distance on either side of it and add the results together to give you your final number. The VH-80 can measure up to 260 feet, the equivalent of a soccer field.

VH-80 : The World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer

Not only will this bilateral measurer calculate linear distance, but it will also compute area and volume, as well as heights using the Pythagorean function. What used to take 15 moves and 30 minutes to measure can now be done in 3 moves and 3 minutes. To make it even more convenient, the VH-80 has an internal memory that keeps up to 9 measurements, but hook it up to your smartphone through the app and the number of measurements you can save is practically infinite.

So ditch your old measuring tape and pick up the VH-80. Not only will it save you time, but it will keep you safer, and help to avoid physical discomfort (because you don’t have to keep bending down!). Successfully funded on Kickstarter, and rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, this bilateral laser distance measurer is now being offered at 40% off the suggested retail price of $149.30. Plus if you use code VH80 at checkout you will receive an additional $5.00 off and get it for $144.30.

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