This Green Monday, get these kits to help you understand your dog

This Green Monday, get these kits to help you understand your dog
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You’ve spent hours teaching your dog to speak, and while Fido does now bark on command, your furry BFF has yet to verbalize why he behaves the way he does, and what, if anything may ail him. Thankfully this duo of pet tests can help give you answers.

Yes, while your dog may have mastered the “look,” you know those puppy dog eyes that lend themselves to forgiveness no matter what the crime, there often is seemingly no reason for your pup’s actions. Why does your dog chew? Why does he keep trying to escape? Why does he keep nipping at your heels? These and other issues could be a result of his breeding. By understanding your dog better, you will be able to better manage him and even strengthen your relationship.

The World Canine Organization currently recognizes 339 breeds of dogs in the world, each with their distinct set of characteristics and behaviors. Naturally, each dog is different with its own unique personality and quirks, but generally there are traits that are common, and problems that are typical. By taking the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, you may be able to uncover not only his heritage, but potentially any genetic health concerns and risk for certain diseases.

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Further to that, the Allergy Test My Pet Kit will be able to provide answers as to why your dog may be constantly scratching, vomiting, or sneezing. Again, because our furbabies aren’t quite smart enough to tell us what’s wrong, we can only surmise. With this kit you will be able to uncover over 100 causes that may be negatively affecting your dog’s health, including common household products, environmental factors, food sensitivities, and so much more. You can then alleviate the source, and allow your dog to live a healthier and happier life.

Both these products are simple to use and results are returned quickly. Packaged together, they will provide plenty of information to help ensure your pet’s wellness — both mental and physical. During our Green Monday promotion we are reducing the price to only $96, almost half of the $178 MSRP. Type in GREEN20 at checkout for your discount and have these kits ready to stuff in Fido’s stocking for Christmas.

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