This Innovative $30 Tool Rotates 360º To Simplify Any DIY Project

This Innovative $30 Tool Rotat...
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It's back to school season, which means you may have a little more time with the kids out of the house to start addressing all those DIY projects. Before you get into it, make sure your toolkit is fully outfitted for those tough projects with the Flip Out Rechargeable Screwdriver & Bit Set.

This innovative tool is part screwdriver and part drill. It's built as a SpeedHex screwdriver but with a flex design that allows you to twist the head into tough spots and then power the rotating head with the press of a button so you don't have to contort in strange ways to undo a screw. You can set it in 380 different positions, with 360 degrees of orbital rotation and flexibility to accommodate virtually any tight spot. It even has a built-in LED work light for added convenience.

Simplify any DIY project with the handy Flip Out Rechargeable Screwdriver & Bit Set, available now for 33% off the $45 list price for just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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