Broadcast anything from your phone screen to a TV with this device

Broadcast anything from your p...
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Nothing's worse than having everyone huddled around your phone while they should be steering clear of one another's germs. Instead, you can get all of your info blasted on the big screen from your phone instantly with the Galton TV AnyCast Stick.

So, what exactly is the TV AnyCast Stick? Think of it this way, it's the easiest way to bring whatever is on your little phone display to the big screen. This stick can mirror and stream from your mobile device to your TV, projector, or monitor wirelessly, all without using an app or driver.

Using the AnyCast Stick is simple: just plug, connect, mirror, and, bam! You're on your way to sharing all of your cringe-worthy photos and videos via Miracast, DLNA, and Airplay mode. It's the perfect way to let your friends know that your adventures are much cooler than anything they've accomplished in isolation (you don't have to apologize for using your time wisely).

Would you rather use this handy tool for professional use? Absolutely no sweat at all, since it's the perfect companion for video conferences, online classes, important board meetings, Powerpoint presentations, and anything else your boss may need you to cast. Just throw it on your phone and you can easily see it projected onto your flat screen. The best part? It's compatible with virtually any platform, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, Linux, and more, making it virtually.

Get the Galton TV AnyCast Stick, which includes a wireless Wi-Fi display receiver, USB with Wi-Fi 2-in-1 cable, and a user manual, for $19.95 (Reg. $24).

Prices subject to change.