Geologie gives men the simple skincare routine they've always wanted

Geologie gives men the simple ...
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According to Statista, a 2017 survey showed that only 29% of men 18-34 years old said they followed a skincare routine. If you're part of that other 71%, you may want to consider upping your game with a simple skincare solution made for men.

Consider those fellows who are using snail mucus masks, or those who have gone the Russian route and are opting to wash their faces with vodka (personally we believe there are better uses for it). In a Twitter shout-out by MEL Magazine, hundreds of men were asked about their daily skin routine. Some of the responses were quite unbelievable. Men admitted to using Clorox wipes, dish soap, canola oil, Febreze, AJAX cleanser, and other equally horrifying products on their skin. As the author of the survey points out, “Men will put the entire contents of the kitchen cabinets on their heads, but somehow draw the line at buying face soap because it’s for ladies.”

Geologie is looking to change all that, to alter the mindset of men and make them realize the importance of healthy-looking skin. The first step is a 30-second diagnostic quiz (the first question is “What’s your first name?” so how hard can it be?). With this information, Geologie can formulate a regimen that will provide the benefits your skin needs the most, whether that be fighting acne, reducing dark and puffy eyes, or diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. They will then send you a complete 30-day trial set, including Everyday Face Wash, Vital Morning Face Cream, Repairing Night Cream, and Nourishing Eye Cream. When you’ve decided which products you love most, you can purchase them a la carte or get a regular subscription to save money.

If you can wash your face regularly, you can get on board with this regimen—it’s that easy. Get started with a personalized trial set for as low as $20, and then if you wish to subscribe, you will save up to 40% on your first purchase. Geologie is also offering both its 30-Day Essential Trial Set and its 30-Day Complete Trial Set at discounted prices—$20 and $30, respectively. So, take the plunge and we are confident you will agree with the near-perfect reviews the line has received from men everywhere.

Recognized by some of the manliest men’s websites, Men’s Health, Esquire, and AskMen have all awarded Geologie for their quality in grooming products. Get started with your skincare trial set from Geologie and be prepared for a new, youthful you.