Get a $1,199 iMac for just $349 with this Valentine's Day deal

Get a $1,199 iMac for just $34...
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Whether you’re a creative or a casual computer user, the Apple iMac makes a great addition to any home. However, few of us can justify the extravagant buying price, so if you’ve been on the lookout for a fairly-priced iMac, this $349 deal may be right for you.

This 21.5-inch iMac is certified-refurbished by Apple-authorized technicians, so you’re basically getting a brand new computer for a fraction of the price. It’s packed with an Intel Core i3-2100 processor and 4GB of memory which deliver more than enough horsepower for your daily needs. Additionally, the crisp display and Radeon HD 6750M graphics card allow you to play high-end games with stunning detail.

You don’t need to pay the Apple tax for Apple quality. This 21.5-inch Apple iMac is on sale today for $349, or 70% off.

Prices subject to change