Get a Sam's Club membership for the lowest price ever

Get a Sam's Club membership for the lowest price ever
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Do you feel like you have to take out a loan just to pay for the groceries and other essentials you and your family need? You’re not alone. Sam’s Club can help relieve some of the financial pressure of shopping without sacrificing quality.

Inflation has taken its toll on many of us. In March the cost of consumer goods rose by 8.5% — the largest year-on-year increase since February 1981. The price of clothing could increase by as much as 10%. Home improvement spending in 2021 jumped 28% from 2020. The list goes on. Wages, however, have only gone up by an average of 3%. Is it any wonder we are feeling the pinch in our pocketbooks?

The war in Ukraine, supply chain issues, surging demands, and high production costs, together with other factors at play, all attribute to the financial situation we now find ourselves in. While economists have theories on how long it will last, no one knows for sure, so in the meantime, we will need to find ways to help keep our costs within our means.

Sam’s Club is committed to providing members with exclusive savings and quality merchandise. With stores across the United States, you will be able to find great deals on groceries, kitchen supplies, electronics, furniture, and so much more. Plus you can also receive discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions, and movies, among other things.

Normally a yearly membership to Sam’s Club cost $45. With this deal not only will you get that membership, but we are also adding a $10 Promotional E-Gift Card that will add to your savings, both for only $14.99, our lowest price ever!

Memorial Day is around the corner, and you will want to be sure to stock up on your favorites. With your membership card in hand, head over to Sam’s Club and shop with confidence. Oh and maybe you would like to bring your calculator along, just to see exactly how much you are saving.

Prices subject to change.