Upgrade your bathroom with nearly 50% off a heated bidet toilet seat

Upgrade your bathroom with nearly 50% off a heated bidet toilet seat
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Sometimes the simple things in life can create a notable impact. For instance, you may be surprised to learn just how much Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat is able to revolutionize your household hygienic setup while supplying extra comfort each day.

Primed to improve your personal health while benefiting the environment, this heated bidet toilet seat instantly upgrades the way you and your family handle business in the bathroom. Carrying an Amazon rating of 4.2 stars out of five and equipped with a manufacturer's one-year warranty, the Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat normally sells for $299 but can currently be purchased at only $169.99 for a limited time during Deal Days, which last until July 14 and don't require a coupon.

This device delivers an endless supply of hot water via its patented no-tank system, providing the ability to adjust the temperature of the water or the seat at any time. Its built-in warm air dryer ensures users are fully dry within as quickly as 30 seconds, sending them on their way feeling refreshed.

Usage is simple, as only one button is required to control temperatures, while a single knob operates functions for rear cleansing, feminine frontal washing, and the aforementioned dryer. And forget about hygienic concerns with this seat thanks to self-cleaning nozzles that are automatically washed with hot water before and after use.

Aim to Wash - Smart Toilet Seat

Beyond boosting your bathroom setup, there is also peace of mind to be gained from a lack of paper waste. More than 3 million tons of toilet paper are flushed in America each year, placing additional pressure on the environment. Now you can be part of the solution without sacrificing cleanliness.

Don't miss Deal Days savings on Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat. Pick one up through July 14 for only $169.99 (reg. $299).

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