This electric skateboard features first-class heat dissipation technology

This electric skateboard featu...
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Influenced by many greats throughout the years, skateboarding has been a favorite hobby and sport for enthusiasts of all ages. The Hermosa Electric Longboard brings you the joy of smooth skateboarding without breaking the bank.

Whether you're looking for a skateboard to take you to work or to cruise around the neighborhood, this lightweight board is an excellent contender for newbies and experts alike. Developed by Venice Longboards, an electric longboard brand seeking to disrupt the transportation market by providing affordable eco-friendly, high-quality e-boards, the Hermosa model features best-in-class heat dissipation technology that packs a punch.

Weighing in at only 9 lbs and boasting an ample length of 36-inches, Hermosa provides you with smooth and reliable cruising on all sorts of terrain. Its dynamic build has a mighty 350W electric motor that can travel at speeds of up to 13 MPH and reach an incline of 30°. Its powerful battery allows for up to 10 miles of travel on a single charge, and a wireless remote creates a seamless transportation experience.

Constructed using durable maple wood, this mighty board ensures better stability when coming around corners or gliding through uneven paths. With an integrated braking system, coaxial reduction gearbox, and dynamic speed detection system, you'll be ready to take on any adventure with ease while also helping the planet. As reviewed by one customer, the Hermosa Electric Longboard is "The battery lasts for such a long time, and the speed is amazing! It's nice that it's rechargeable, so I don't have to waste a million batteries. My favorite part is the brake. It makes it so easy to go down steep hills!"

Regularly priced at $450, the Hermosa Electric Longboard can be yours today for $50 off at just $399.99. Enjoy the art of skateboarding and glide through the summer on electric transportation.

Prices subject to change.