Control your lighting using your voice with this $65 smart desk lamp

Control your lighting using yo...
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A unified lighting system in your smart home is perfect for adjusting light temperatures to suit the time of day or the mood, but your desk and reading lamp are often forgotten when setting up your lights. If you need a smart desk lamp that you can control with your own voice, look no further than this $64.99 iHaper desk lamp.

The iHaper DL1 is a compact smart desk lamp that’s compatible with Apple HomeKit, meaning you can control the adjust the brightness with voice commands using Siri. Additionally, the DL1 can be configured to turn on when you’re close and turn off when you leave. The DL1 contains high quality LED beads that produce no stroboscopic or blue light, allowing you to read or work at your desk without impacting your vision.

No smart home is complete without a smart desk lamp to enhance your reading experience. You can grab an iHaper DL1 Smart Desk Lamp today for just $64.99, or 35% off.

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