At only $20 the inCharge X Max is your one-stop charging solution

At only $20 the inCharge X Max is your one-stop charging solution
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TL;DR: The inCharge X Max conquers cable clutter, offers ultra-fast charging, and transforms into a power bank, all in a compact and durable design, now on for $19.97 (reg. $39) with coupon code INCHARGE.

Ah, the modern American home—a haven of innovation and convenience … except for that tangled mess of wires lurking in every drawer and corner. Enter the inCharge X Max 100W Charging Cable, your Swiss Army knife of the charging world.

A 2023 study by the Association for Home Electronics reveals that the average American owns a staggering 10.5 devices. That's smartphones, laptops, tablets, fitness trackers, you name it—each with their own charger. The inCharge X Max’s 6-in-1 design features connectors for USB-C, Micro USB, Lightning, and more. This do-it-all dynamo conquers all that cable clutter.

Boasting ultra-fast charging, it has the power to juice up your devices faster than most other chargers. It's small enough to bring with you anywhere, yet powerful enough to charge even your laptops and tablets. Even without a wall outlet, it can turn your phone or your tablet into a power source, keeping you connected even in the most remote locations. It offers super quick data transfers, ensuring you can seamlessly move files between devices. And for those who like to multitask, it lets you charge and sync your devices.

inCharge® X - Swiss Army Knife of Cables

Standard charging cables are about as durable as an ice cube in the sun. The 5-foot long inCharge X Max breaks the mold with its robust braided nylon design. It's built to withstand the everyday tug-of-war that comes with multiple devices charging.

A testament to its innovation, the inCharge X Max was successfully funded on Indiegogo. This people-powered project features a clever N52 magnetic system that allows you to snap this handy device on your keyring or your backpack, so you can have it at the ready whenever you need it.

The inCharge X Max is your all-in-one charging bestie, be it for Android or Apple. It works with iPhones, iPads, laptops, and basically any gadget you need to juice up, all in one handy cord.

Get this 6-in-1 100W ultra-fast 5-foot charging cable for only $19.97 (reg. $39) with coupon code INCHARGE.

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