With 6 charging connections, this is the only charger you'll need

With 6 charging connections, this is the only charger you'll need
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It should come as no surprise that within the average U.S. home the number of devices continues to rise annually. In fact, according to a Deloitte study, it has more than doubled since 2019. Of course, what’s key is keeping them charged and running.

Those devices included such items as laptops, wireless keyboards, tablets and smartphones, wireless headphones and earbuds, gaming consoles, and fitness trackers, all of varying makes and models. These devices have become such a part of our everyday lives that we literally carry them with us wherever we go. This also means that we need to have the capability of charging them whenever that “battery low” signal comes on. We could also tote along a bag full of cables, each designed specifically for the device at hand, or we could opt for something a little more … well, little — a universal charger that can deal with all your devices, whether they be Lightning, Micro USB, or Micro USB-C.

inCharge X - The 100W Swiss Army Knife of Cables

Dubbed the Swiss Army knife of charging cables, InCharge X is ultra-fast, with the power to charge your devices at twice the speed of other chargers. It’s small enough to bring with you anywhere, yet powerful enough to charge laptops and tablets. InCharge X can even turn your phone or your tablet into a power source if there are no other charging ports nearby. In addition, it offers super quick data transfers, six connections to comply with all your charging needs, and the capability to charge and sync simultaneously.

Successfully funded on Indiegogo, InCharge X features an N52 magnetic system that will allow you to snap this handy device onto your keyring or your backpack so that you can have it at the ready whenever needed. Perfect for the tech minimalist, or really anyone who doesn’t want to lug around or pay for extra cables, this solidly-built charger can be yours today for only $21.99.

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