Jamf Now solves crucial IT problems for companies that run on Apple

Jamf Now solves crucial IT problems for companies that run on Apple
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When it comes to electronics, it's clear that Apple is among the best when choosing devices for your small business. But while Apple products may be easy to use and conveniently familiar to your team, there are still some IT challenges that come with managing devices distributed among remote employees.

Jamf Now was out to solve that exact problem pre-pandemic and only grows more and more relevant today. So what is Jamf Now exactly? To put it simply: it helps small and medium sized businesses manage Apple devices remotely. From setting up new devices to taking inventory to installing apps across the entire team, Jamf Now makes it possible from afar. You'll even be able to update and secure devices, which is incredibly crucial given the cyber risks that impact remote teams that could be working from anywhere.

With Jamf Now, you're not just a smart business; you're a smart business using MDM, or mobile device management, to conquer all Apple questions, comments, and concerns. This way, you can spend less time with widgets and more time with people. And, knowing that more people than ever before are using Apple products to help their businesses run smoothly, Jamf Now takes the knowledge they've harvested over 20 years to give you the care you need at a concierge level.

Rick Saville, Director at Abbeydale BEC says that "The decision to select Jamf Now was easy after learning it was built for Apple-focused environments and small businesses, but it was even easier after being told Apple, themselves, use Jamf for their own device management needs." He continued, "It truly has been ‘set it and forget it’. I’d recommend Jamf Now to anyone that would listen to me talk about it."

Still unsure? Just ask the more than 40,000 global customers that rely on Jamf Now to manage over 17 million Apple devices. You'll get all the help you need with your first three devices absolutely free. And, because 2020 has sent your business into a tailspin, they are offering a special deal to add extra devices at just $2 a month per device, a small price to pay for huge peace of mind.