Get travel ready with these noise-cancelling ear buds

Get travel ready with these noise-cancelling ear buds
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Sometimes you just need to tune out. Whether you're going on a jog, a long flight, or just need to drown out the noise of your roommates, these small and compact earbuds will be your new best friend as soon as you unbox them.

The JBL Live Free NC + TWS earbuds are small but powerful. They're packed with the JBL signature sound, including bass so you can experience all of your favorite songs as they were intended. If you need to take a call at any time, you can easily answer with the small built-in microphone. Since these earbuds work to drown out the sounds that are around you, your boss on the other line will never know you're on a walk around the block and not chained to your desk reading emails.

Since it can be stressful to completely turn off the sounds of the world around you, especially in a big city, ambient aware mode helps keep you aware of the sirens and sounds around you. Since these headphones provide up to seven hours of continuous playback alone, and up to 21 full hours of continuous play with the case that doubles as a charger, you'll never find yourself on low-battery mode. If you ever need to adjust the volume or pause a track, you can do so just by tapping on the earbuds themselves to stay in control no matter what you're doing.

Normally the JBL Live Free NC + TWS earbuds retail for nearly $150, since they are noise cancelling, rechargeable, and fast-pair enabled. But now for a limited time, you can take advantage of the deal that knocks the price down by 49%. That means you'll take them home for just $74.99.

 Prices subject to change.