This stellar insurance company pays claims in seconds + gives back

This stellar insurance company pays claims in seconds + gives back
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If insurance shopping is not at the top of your to-do list, you’re not alone. Getting the right insurance for your needs, however, is still a priority. Lemonade steps up to the plate by bringing you stress-free coverage.

Like many things, we often don't think we need renters insurance—until we do. That burst sink pipe in the kitchen, the out-of-the-blue hail storm that broke your windows, or the unexpected break-in while you're on vacation—we don't put those events into our agendas until they happen. Instead of starting from scratch and getting quotes from the usual insurance behemoths, Lemonade makes it remarkably simple to get your assets covered so that you can think ahead without the headache of overly complicated plans.

Voted the most loved insurance in America by Supermoney, Forbes, Clearsurance, and more, and named "An Insurance Company That Homeowners Actually Might Love (Seriously)" by Inc. Magazine, Lemonade has earned quite the group of admirers. With insurance rates starting as low as $5 a month, lighting-fast claim payouts, and primary lender acceptance, it’s no surprise that Lemonade is quickly becoming the go-to candidate for renters insurance. Lemonade works wonders in making you feel in control (during moments when you’re not in control) by setting you up with a hotel during repairs, assessing the damage to your property, and doing all the heavy lifting on how much it’ll cost to replace it all.

Not only does Lemonade help keep your valuables safe, but it also uses artificial intelligence (AI) that makes managing your policy easy-peasy. With a convenient downloadable app, you'll be able to handle everything online and meet Maya, Lemonade's charming AI-powered insurance powerhouse that will help you get coverage in 90 seconds and get paid out for your claims at record speeds! Lemonade continuously updates its mobile app features with a personal touch in mind, where renters can manage their policy with a few clicks or get questions answered straight through the app.

An additional unique feature is their intriguing handling of unused premiums. Instead of profiting from unclaimed dividends, Lemonade takes a flat fee and donates whatever may be left (after the payouts of claims and expenses) to your charity of choice through their Lemonade Giveback program–resulting in uncomplicated coverage while also doing good in the world. As tweeted by a fellow Lemonade user, "Once every 2-3 years, I stumble across a truly outstanding app/business which nails everything. UX, pricing, customer service - @Lemonade_Inc has it all, and I love it."

Learn more about protecting your apartment, home, pets, and more with Lemonade today.