Unlock your potential with the power of lifelong learning

Unlock your potential with the power of lifelong learning
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TL;DR: This Lifetime Learning Subscription featuring the Rosetta Stone offers virtually unlimited source materials from which to gather knowledge and learn new languages, and it’s now on sale for only $159.97 (reg. $749), using coupon code ROSETTA.

To quote Tetsuyama-san, “The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.” This Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring the Rosetta Stone can help ensure that you never run out of material from which to gather knowledge.

StackSkills Unlimited

StackSkills Unlimited offers instant access to a pre-selected library of over 1,000 courses, meaning it’s highly unlikely that you will ever run out of things to learn. And with 50 new courses added each month, it will be like having an ever-growing treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips! But it's not just about quantity—StackSkills boasts a lineup of over 350 of the web's top instructors that will use their expertise and experience to guide you through beginner to advanced courses, ensuring that you're always challenged and engaged. With easy-to-use progress tracking, so you will be able to see exactly how far you've come and what's left to conquer. And if you ever need assistance, their premium customer support is there to help you every step of the way.

StackSkills even hosts quarterly instructor Q&A webinars, giving you the chance to engage directly with the experts and get your burning questions answered. To add an extra sprinkle of awesomeness, course certifications are also provided. Show off your newfound knowledge and boast your credentials.

Rosetta Stone

Let Rosetta Stone help take your linguistic skills to the next level. It’s the ultimate language-learning companion. With their interactive software and cutting-edge speech-recognition technology, you can dive into not just one, but an impressive 24 languages!

What sets Rosetta Stone apart is their TruAccent™ feature, which boasts the world's best speech recognition technology. It analyzes every word you say at a mind-boggling 100 times per second. So practice those tricky pronunciations with confidence, because Rosetta Stone has got your back.

Starting off with basic conversational skills like shopping, ordering food, or hailing a taxi, you'll be impressing locals in no time. Rosetta Stone will then guide you through intermediate language skills, where you'll be sharing opinions and discussing pop culture like a true native speaker. You will develop a command of the language as you learn to read, write, speak, and understand. Immersive lessons will make learning feel like a breeze.

Learning is a lifelong journey that brings enrichment, growth, and endless possibilities. Now is an opportune time to avail yourself of some tools that will guide you along that path.

This Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring the Rosetta Stone is regularly valued at $749 but can be yours until 11:59 PM on August 13, 2023, for only $159.97 using coupon code ROSETTA.

Prices subject to change