The Lyric massager helps relax your muscles and your mind

The Lyric massager helps relax your muscles and your mind
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The Lyric is a Rhythm Therapy massager that offers all the body-healing features you’d expect along with added benefits that heal and relax the mind at the same time.

If you’re starting to assess your goals for 2022, there’s an important point to consider. According to surveys, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. While that’s a somewhat depressing statistic, it can also be empowering. It means if you focus on your health goals, take them seriously and do the work to integrate them as new routines in your daily life, you can greatly boost your odds of being among the elite 8 percent.

Wellness also goes beyond the physical, which is why devices like the Lyric Rhythm Therapy massager are such a crucial step beyond the standard massage guns and other percussive therapy tools used for soothing aching muscles.

With typical percussive massagers, relief-seekers receive pounding, repetitive vibrations to loosen up tight muscle groups or improve blood flow to aching areas. The Lyric, however, changes up the mono frequency approach to offer a much more elegant and holistic path to relief and relaxation.

In seconds, users can connect the Lyric to their phone or tablet via WiFi, then follow the Lyric’s single screen display through guided instructions on how to choose a relaxation rhythm attuned to their needs, whether it’s pursuing calm, pain relief, or an energy boost.

That’s when the Lyric really kicks into gear. The key to its magic is in its Rhythm Therapy, using vibroacoustic science that directs multiple frequencies into the body. These wave-like sensations aren’t the repetitive motions of a massage gun either. They’re deployed with a rhythm that mimics nature. This massager calms and relaxes the mind at the same time, soothing stressors and positively affecting your emotions.

The Lyric also eliminates that annoying matter of having to deal with both an app on your phone and the massager to get your results. Once synced, your experience is fully controlled through the Lyric’s single touchscreen, allowing users to really sink into the relaxation and appreciate the benefits without worrying about multiple devices.

The Lyric is also constantly updated with new, different rhythms, so users can always work on a new approach to finding their restorative mind and body balance.

"The Lyric is gentle and relaxing. I love the Calm and Relax guided therapy sessions," Lyric user, Mary, said. "The 3-and-4 minute sessions are efficient and easy to accomplish whenever I need!"

Priced at $199.95, which includes an optional extension handle to access hard-to-reach spots, Lyric Rhythm Therapy massager can help users embark on their new and improved 2022 journey to improved wellness. It’s available now with a special limited time offer including free shipping as well as a free 1-year warranty. Take your wellness journey to the next level with Lyric's Rhythm Therapy!