Save money, save the environment with this MacBook Air for under $250

Save money, save the environment with this MacBook Air for under $250
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They say you can’t judge a MacBook by its cover, but c’mon. As tried and true Apple lovers, we all know that Macs, in general, are far prettier than the competition. But more than that, they deliver, and this refurbished MacBook Air is no exception.

While we don’t want to make it a competition, let’s just say that Macs are known for their excellent quality of build and tend to be less susceptible to viruses than their counterparts (although they are certainly not immune!). Where we do sometimes struggle, however, is with the price. That’s what makes this deal so appealing!

While back in 2015 when this MacBook Air first came out, it sold for roughly $800 (or about $1,000 in today’s dollars), the fact is that because of the aforementioned quality, these products tend not to lose value. Even this refurbished model normally retails at around $700, but we are offering it today for only $247.99.

Lightweight, ultra-slim, and with long-lasting battery life, this 11” MacBook Air features a 1.6GHz processing speed, 128GB of flash storage, and an OS X El Capitan operating system. The Intel Turbo Boost Technology will provide you with that extra bit of power when you need it and better energy efficiency when you don't. You’ll enjoy enhanced picture quality thanks to the Intel® HD Graphics 6000, while the Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM provide for an easy online experience.

Whether you’re using it for work, school, or pleasure, this MacBook Air will see you through. Although it is refurbished, you can rest assured that you are receiving an almost good as new product with aftermarket parts and labor warranty from a third party … and you’ll be reducing electronic waste, which is great for the environment. Plus think of all the extra money you will be saving—over 60% off the suggested retail price!

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