Snooze soundly all night with this $30 sleep mask

Snooze soundly all night with ...
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REM sleep is the most important part of our sleep cycle because it stimulates learning and memory creation. However, distractions such as bright lights can interrupt REM sleep, so sleeping in a dark, quiet area is vital for your sleep cycle. If you’re having trouble sleeping soundly through the night, all you need is this $29.99 sleep mask.

The Manta Sleep Mask V2 is a blackout sleep mask that helps you achieve and maintain REM sleep by blocking out distracting lights. It features contoured eye pouches that won't apply pressure on your eyes, and you can even adjust it to achieve the perfect fit. The Manta also comes with a set of blackout stickers, so you can cover bright lights on electronics such as power strips and chargers without leaving a sticky residue.

Maximizing REM sleep is vital to our physical and mental health. With this Manta Sleep Mask V2, you can achieve uninterrupted REM sleep for $29.99, or 24% off.

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