A lifetime subscription to Microsoft Office essentials for $50

A lifetime subscription to Microsoft Office essentials for $50
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You finally bought a new MacBook, or perhaps a new MS Surface, only to discover, once booted up, there seemed to be something missing — a program that you’ve used almost every day since you learned how to turn on a computer. Where is Microsoft Office?

Now what to do? You just forked out a lot of money for this new device. You certainly don’t want to spend another few hundred dollars buying the whole Office suite. And those subscriptions … the cost of them add up over the years. Here is the perfect solution.

For the low price of only $49.99, you will gain access to those Office apps you have come to know and love (you and a billion or so others around the world) — Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 for the Mac comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 for Windows adds Publisher and Access to the list. And it can’t come soon enough. Now that you are working and/or studying at home, you will need to have those programs up and running right away. Luckily, all you will need to do is pick your platform, place your order, wait for your activation code via email, and then download. You’ll be able to start working immediately!

The good folks at Microsoft are always on the lookout on how to upgrade and improve their previous versions of Office. This 2021 version will naturally keep all that was good, but with new features. A few examples: Word now allows you to create a website from a document, Excel has added new functions and improved stability, PowerPoint features more templates and updated its transitions and tools, Outlook supports a revamped interface and general app improvements, plus many, many more.

Life comes with enough unexpected costs and surprises. Once your version of Office is actively installed (either for the Mac or for Windows), you’re good for life. With all the essentials you need, it’s perfect for families and small businesses alike. Get yours today and join other happy customers who have sung its praises with reviews like “Microsoft Office 2021 at a great price with no subscription charge. What else can you say? Two thumbs up!” and “This suite is a must-have for almost any person that uses a computer. To be able to get it at this price I couldn't pass it up.”

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