Say goodbye to your tool box and hello to this convenient multi-tool

Say goodbye to your tool box and hello to this convenient multi-tool
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Pulling out your toolbox may have you rethinking your gym membership. This Mini Camping Hammer & Snowflake Multi-tool is a lighter, more convenient option that can do many of the same tasks (and then some) as your heavy-duty tools.

While it seems that the wild cockatoos of Indonesia have mastered making tools when and if needed, we mere humans are still reliant on special implements to help us out. Whether we are completing our honey-do lists, making repairs to whatever needs fixing, tinkering with our toys, or preparing for a few days in the great outdoors, we require the aid of tools. What if we could have many of those tools right in our back pocket, always within easy reach, ready when and if needed (maybe we needn’t be so unlike those cockatoos!)?

The mini-camping hammer together with the snowflake multi-tool feature 22 functions that can help you perform tasks from the mundane to the complex, from cutting fruit to fixing snowboards, from opening beer bottles to sawing rope, from tightening screws to repairing bikes. It’s the perfect accompaniment to bring with you while you are hiking, camping, mountaineering, cycling, maneuvering moguls, or any time you are experiencing nature in the wild. Closer to home, it’s great for those do-it-yourself projects (you know those ones you keep putting off!) and even crafting. Tools include a variety of screwdrivers and wrenches, a bottle opener, a hammer, a cutter, a saw, and so much more. The snowflake multi-tool can even act as a fidget spinner keeping other little hands busy while you work on the hard jobs.

So say goodbye to your toolbox, and hello to this convenient duo. Made of superior chrome vanadium steel, and designed to withstand even the harshest environments, this set is a must-have for both around the house and your outdoor adventures. Get it today for only $34.99, the best pricing you’ll find on the internet!

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