Motivosity can bring a workplace to life

Motivosity can bring a workplace to life
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Considering the state of employer-employee relations around the world today, it’s no wonder that services like Motivosity are showing significant results when it comes to building a happier, more productive workplace.

According to a Gallup survey, 85 percent of the global workforce doesn’t feel engaged in their jobs. Meanwhile, many U.S. companies report that retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them. And there’s good reason for them to try since disengaged employees can cost organizations an excessive amount of money each year.

Motivosity can be the key to turning your company into one of those harmonious workplace oases where workers feel appreciated and respected. Through their comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform, Motivosity has the tools that can get 95 percent of a workforce engaged, with the possibility for improved employee satisfaction as a result.

Through social media-style profiles, employees on Motivosity can show their coworkers who they really are through photos, interests, background, or even a favorite TV show or movie. Coworkers can use built-in communication channels to chat with each other about shared passions and also an avenue to send out appreciation and recognition for others in the organization. Employees can praise the work or spirit of a coworker and even back that up with a few dollars toward a gift card for that person.

As for managers, Motivosity also offers tools to help them better engage with each team member and become an even better supervisor. Through the platform, managers can schedule individual one-on-one sessions with their team, share documents and projects for more effective collaboration, and establish concrete expectations and goals so everyone is clear on a path ahead.

Finally, customizable surveys and other analytics can gauge how employees feel about their company. Whether they appreciate the tone and direction of the business and its workplace or feel changes are needed, those results are tabulated, so management knows how their workforce is feeling in precise detail. That allows them to respond more accurately to employees’ wants and concerns, offering a better chance to keep top talent and generate the highest possible returns for the company.

“I love the ability to create a connection with our work-from-home team. They can thank other team members that have helped them along the way,” Motivosity user Alexander said in his 5-star review on G2. “The ability to share our experiences with one another has created a greater bond between our team.”

Right now, companies can get a true feel for what Motivosity can do for their organization with a free demo of the platform through the Motivosity website.

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