This smartphone gimbal is not your average selfie stick

This smartphone gimbal is not ...
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Are you a selfie enthusiast who is always snapping photos? Do you like to capture content that requires action shots or videos? You may not be able to put this innovative phone gimbal down. Start taking your mobile photography to the next level with the Movii 360° Rotating Selfie Stick, now available at 30% off.

This selfie stick is not like the rest. With innovative AI technology that follows your every move (or the moves of your friends or pets), this state of the art device will make sure to get the best photos possible — no matter your artistic vision. Use it at a family gathering, capture beautiful self-portraits at home, or film your latest recreation of a trendy dance routine — the sky's the limit. You'll be able to take photos or videos automatically, plus, it has real-time target tracking that can automatically find your face, making sure you are being captured at every moment.

With long-lasting alkaline batteries, Movii 360° gives you up to 50 hours of usage per charge. The 360° phone gimbal is also compatible with iOS or Android phones of 56-100mm. A soft silicone grip gently (yet securely) grips your phone, so you never have to worry about dropping it while it's on the rotating selfie stick. Your phone will then easily connect directly to its Apai Genie app. You simply need to turn your Bluetooth on, connect the app to the device, and start snapping studio-quality photos or videos. It's as simple as that.

Regularly priced at $85, you can start capturing revolutionary content for only $58.99. Start taking your selfies to an ultimate new level and snap exciting images and videos that will be cherished for years to come.

Prices subject to change.

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