This robot vac and mopper can cut floor-cleaning from your chore list

This robot vac and mopper can cut floor-cleaning from your chore list
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For most of us, there isn’t always much time to keep up with self-improvement. Amidst all that bettering of mind, body, and spirit, a few more tangible tasks can occasionally fall through the cracks. Like cleaning up your oft-neglected home.

While we all realize the effort to keep a floor clean pales in comparison to reading an important new book or getting a workout in, it is a necessary evil to avoid living in filth. Thankfully in this new smart home-enabled age, we can now enlist robots like the Narwal T10 to take care of those necessary, yet mundane, time-consuming chores instead.

The T10 is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop capable of basically scratching floor cleaning off your to-do list permanently, and offers one-click operation directly from the base station.

The key to any quality floor cleaner is its mapping technology and the T10 is right at the head of the class in that department. By combining LiDar navigation sensors with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, this robot works around obstacles effortlessly, remembering your home's layout as it works its way through a home in a zig-zag pattern.

As for the cleaning itself, the T10 sports a pair of side brushes that loosen and lift even ground-in dirt and other debris. Arms then sweep that dirt right into the path of the unit’s 1800Pa of suction to whisk it away permanently. There’s even a no-roll brush design that makes sure hair doesn’t get tangled up around the brushes to cut down its cleaning power. Sporting a pair of triangular mop pads that rotate at a blistering 180 RPMs and apply up to more than 4 lbs. of pressure, this robot covers 30% more surface area to clean better, especially in hard to reach corners and other spots where dirt can really collect.

Of course, the Narwal’s app is where all that smarts and effectiveness get customized. Through the app, users can set up zones where the T10 won’t go, adjust to the suction of mopping moisture levels, and set up the specific cleaning patterns and schedule that work for each home. T10 owners can schedule the robot to do all its cleaning while they’re at work, so they always come back to a clean home. And with the robot’s vacuuming and mopping duties never reaching over 65db (which is about the noise level of average conversation), you can even set the T10 to clean up overnight with no hassles.

Maybe the coolest feature of the Narwal T10 is that it eliminates a task robot owners often dislike the most: cleaning up when the robot is done. Throughout its cleaning, the T10 will occasionally head back to its home base cleaning stations and clean itself. Using the on-board 1.3-gallon water tanks, the system washes its microfiber mops, regulates clean and dirty water so it’s always fresh, then self-dries, ready to head back out for another round.

Already the winner of major awards from CES, Red-dot, Edison, and more, as well as a Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2020 honoree, shoppers can now save $150 off the price of the Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mopper for a limited time.