This groundbreaking app rethinks weight loss

This groundbreaking app rethinks weight loss
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With our population spending billions annually on diet pills, shakes, exercise programs, and other theoretically all-encompassing solutions, it’s inspiring to see anyone taking a different approach.

Noom is a digital health app that roots its approach in behavioral psychology, helping users operate from the source of their habits. When you sign up, the app prompts you with a series of questions. You’ll also feed it data on your habits, lifestyle, physical attributes, and more. From there, the program will curate a personalized program designed to reflect your needs. You can even define your own weight loss goals and adjust the scope and intensity as you see fit.

Noom sends users daily lessons with articles and information specifically relevant to their journey. On top of being concise and digestible, these messages can also be customized to come your way at more convenient and helpful times of the day and not when you’re typically busy.

In addition to daily lessons, Noom helps users address and adjust their habits with peer support groups, which bring a human element to the experience that’s truly inspirational. In that same vein, every Noom user can access personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to further support their efforts to lose weight.

For more practical and direct support, Noom sets users up with effective tools for tracking results. For example, with your Noom app and membership, you can track your food and water intake, steps, and weight loss with ease.

Noom maintains an exceptional rating of 4.7/5 stars in the App Store with over 700,000 reviews and counting. It’s been the subject of rave reviews in publications like TechCrunch and Mashable. One reviewer named Courtney said, “So if I had to tell anyone to try to join Noom, I would tell them that it’s health for real people.”

Get started with Noom Weight today and discover the knowledge and support you need to create lasting change.