Noom's science-backed weight loss changes your relationship with food

Noom's science-backed weight loss changes your relationship with food
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Science-backed weight loss is real. Noom offers a path to all-around improved wellness by understanding how to eat better, get more restful sleep, and reduce stress so members can take full control of their health for good.

Have you ever thought about why you could eat nachos every day, but can’t stand mushrooms? Or why mint chocolate chip ice cream acts as a salve, while mayonnaise almost induces a gag reflex? It’s because there’s a psychology behind your food preferences and the way you eat, a psychology that goes much deeper than what you think tastes good and what doesn’t.

Maybe you order from your favorite pizzeria when you’re happy and celebrating, or when you’re down and depressed. Or maybe you were force-fed too much ham as a kid by your parents and have a natural aversion as an adult.

Today, fad diets and weight-loss supplements dominate the health landscape. Of course, most of those approaches ultimately fail for most users because the focus on calories and food categories doesn’t reach the root of many people’s problems: their overall relationship to food.

Noom uses the principles of psychology to transcend the simple binary of weight loss, unlocking each person’s unique thoughts and feelings around food to help them craft a healthier, happier life through behavioral science.

Through a combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching, Noom works with each person to craft weight management steps to help address chronic and non-chronic conditions, including everything from hypertension and diabetes to stress.

Created by a team of health professionals, the Noom program begins by setting up your profile through a set of questions that drill into your overall health goals. Based on your answers, Noom sets a realistic timetable for reaching those goals, then encourages regular interaction with the Noom community to help keep you on track to success.

Personalized lessons backed by the latest in psychology and behavioral science offer practical knowledge that turns into confident, easy-to-follow tools that can be used every day toward achieving those goals. Once you’ve learned about food caloric density and where each food fits on Noom’s color-coded scale, you’ll have better skills for making informed food choices that fit your lifestyle.

That learning is augmented by the human factor in the form of a personal expert who’s there to support you through your Noom experience. That expert can assess your goals, what motivates you, and then offer accountability or encouragement to progress. They’re available 24/7 to guide you through this food journey, with the help of group support through online meeting rooms where you can talk through your feelings with people who know what you’re going through.

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