Downloading content from the web has never been faster or more secure

Downloading content from the web has never been faster or more secure
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Ah, the days of Napster, Kazaa, and Limewire… how excited we were that we could transfer music and other files from the internet. The problem was we also got a lot of what we didn’t want. Downloading content is now safer than ever, thanks to Offcloud.

Ever tried downloading a file, only to wait and wait, thinking that you probably could have retyped the contents yourself in the time that it took? With Offcloud you will be able to download content from almost anywhere without worrying about speed and bandwidth limitations, no matter the size. Whether you are looking to backup videos from YouTube, convert SoundCloud entries to MP3 files, or download from BitTorrent, you can rest assured that it will be secure and anonymous.

Introduction to Offcloud

Of course, having those files on your own computer likely isn’t practical, so you are going to want to upload them to a manageable cloud location. With Offcloud's Zapier integration you can upload and sync anything to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive,, or you can use Offcloud’s included 50GB of space. You will then be able to download them at the best possible speed, whenever and wherever is convenient.

This all-in-one download manager can unlock file-hosting and streaming sites, automatically backup or export content from RSS feeds, and sync anything to NAS (Network Attached Storage), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), as well as unlock all restrictions from Uploaded and Rapidgator. As an added bonus you will be able to convert the entire web to PDF while enjoying world-class and reliable API.

With a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot, Offcloud has received rave reviews including users saying, "I love being able to save content for later and Offcloud makes it super easy. I can create my own library to share with others," and "It saves me precious time by letting me remote download some large files directly into my Dropbox or NAS at home."

If you’re downloading files regularly, Offcloud is an effective way to maximize your performance while keeping your anonymity. Regularly priced at $699.99, a lifetime subscription can be yours for only $39.99. Get it today and enjoy the most secure and powerful way to download content from the web.

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