oHHo CBD Oil can have you sleeping better now

oHHo CBD Oil can have you sleeping better now
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It’s funny how something that’s been around for so long can quickly become an overnight success. But that’s been the story of CBD recently, catapulting producers like oHHo CBD right into the heart of America’s battle to relax and sleep better.

Riding a wave of public awareness and increasing sales over the past few years, CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant, has become a self-remedying phenom. For many users, it brings homeostasis, creating an internal calm and balance that soothes the mind and helps keep the body’s natural circadian rhythms as steady as a metronome.

oHHo’s CBD is an effective sleep-help alternative for those who don’t want to take those shaky over-the-counter sleeping pills. Using a natural and effective mix of full-spectrum CBD extract — along with organic, ketone-rich MCT oil — it only takes an eye dropper’s worth right under the tongue before bed to help settle restless thoughts, realign your body chemistry, and decrease symptoms of sleep disorders like insomnia, all while helping to secure quality sleep.

Unlike other companies, oHHo is all about transparency, sourcing their CBD from hand-cultivated sustainable farms. Meanwhile, each oil blend is unquestionably unique, offering a different taste and feel from each region. For example, the CBD tincture under the New York label features a natural woody, hoppy, rose- and pine-tasting experience and is very different from their Vermont mixture, which is rich with citrus, floral, and even chocolate-tinged notes.

No matter the mixture, CBD users report being able to fall asleep faster, sleep better through the night, and wake up more refreshed. Meanwhile, the CBD also balances out the body, mellowing out anxiety and moodiness and physical aches and pains like inflammation or sore joints and muscles. “I am and forever will be a customer of oHHo,” user Edward raved. “This product has helped not only with my anxiety but with my insomnia as well. I haven't felt this great in years.”

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