Get the scoop on your pet's food and environment intolerances for $135

Get the scoop on your pet's food and environment intolerances for $135
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Sure, we all want to make sure our pets live a long, healthy life, but trips to the vet are costly. Try the 5Strands Pet Food And Environmental Intolerance Test to ensure your fur baby isn't suffering from any allergens.

If your good boy or girl has the sniffles and you can't pinpoint why, you're going to want to give this kit a try. With both a Food Intolerance Test and an Environmental Intolerance Test, you'll collect a tiny sample of fur to send to 5Strands' high-tech lab using the included postage. In just about 7-10 days after the processing center receives the hair sample, you'll get a good look at what your fluffy friend can and can't withstand, including the elements, certain foods, dust mites, and foul-smelling friends (okay, maybe Spot isn't allergic to them, but you should still take the hint when an animal that eats its own poop is disgusted by a human.)

The tests use bio-resonance technology to check out some temporary imbalances in the body that may be causing symptoms such as upset stomach, constant scratching, hair loss, hot spots, and paw biting. The intolerance test will scope out proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, seafood, additives, and preservatives to ensure all is well and there's nothing making your buddy's tummy rumbly. If there's something out of sorts, the kit will suggest a 6-8 week elimination guideline after you get the results. Check out the kit in action here:

Food & Environmental INTOLERANCE Test | Easy At Home Collection Kit | 5Strands Affordable Pet Test

The same science will be used for the environmental test, which will examine fabrics, cleaning supplies, grasses, trees, mold, dust mites, and other animal dander. If anything looks fishy, the kit will also provide tips and tricks to help avoid those certain triggers making Fido upset.

Find out why these kits received 4.2 stars on Amazon for yourself. Get the 5Strands Pet Food And Environmental Intolerance Test, which includes two hair sample collection kits, two return envelopes, two prepaid postage stamps, and two sets of instructions, for $134.99.

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