PhiGolf lets you bring golf with you anywhere, any time

PhiGolf lets you bring golf with you anywhere, any time
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Golf is one of those sports avid practitioners wish they could play every day. Unfortunately, the weather sometimes prevents us from hitting the golf green whenever we desire. That’s where PhiGolf comes in.

PhiGolf: Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick enables golfers to play their favorite sport anytime, anywhere. Thunderstorms and snow days can’t hold you back now thanks to PhiGolf!

What’s really great about this golf simulator is that it allows you to control the gameplay with your actual golf swing via the state of the art sensors. This way, you’re not just playing around and having fun (although that certainly will happen), you’re also actively given the opportunity to improve your golf game.

The stellar graphics make it an immersive experience, so you feel like you’re out on the green. In actuality, you can be anywhere: PhiGolf is small and portable, so you can take it with you on the go. Bring it with you to the office, a friend’s house, even on vacation. Golf is suddenly always accessible.

Phigolf WGT Edition - Now play WGT with your real golf swing!

And you don’t have to play alone — you can challenge a friend to play you on PhiGolf, too, using multiplayer mode. After all, part of the beauty of golf is it’s equally enjoyable with the company as it is solo.

The reviews speak for themselves: On Amazon, PhiGolf has a four-star average review from users, with one gushing, “Flawless and intuitive — anyone can do it and it just works,” and another adding, “all-in-all great product.”

PhiGolf is also quite affordable, especially right now. It’s now $229, 8% off its usual price of $259. And if you use coupon code GOLF10 at checkout, you can get Phigolf for an additional $50. You’ll get a swing sensor, a swing stick, a charger, and a manual so that you’re ready to go ahead and play.

That coupon is expiring soon, so click here to use it and buy PhiGolf for a great price today.

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