This App Will Teach You to Play the Piano From Your Internet Browser

This App Will Teach You to Pla...
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This year, the "learn a new hobby" portion of bucket lists has been tended to more than ever (not by choice). And, while the world tried out cross stitching, lost a few puzzle pieces, and even learned some slight-of-hand magic, the piano remained one of the more complex hobbies to tackle. Enter this lifetime membership to Pianu Pro – a simple way to try piano playing from home.

With 20 different interactive lessons and six finger-strengthening tutorials, Pianu Pro teaches you how to read, play, and jam to favorite hits from classical to country to top 40 and beyond. Users also have full-range access to Pianu Pro's library of sheet music from beginner to pro. So whether the user has fast fingers or takes their time with the notes, anyone can still produce great music.

The other perk to online instruction, especially with Pianu Pro, is the play-as-you-go guided learning with the Pianu Academy. The Academy boasts self-pace learning with lesson plans that teach the student step-by-step tools, tricks, and trades by using activities and badges.

No need to rush out and grab an expensive tablet, Pianu Pro can be downloaded on any device that connects to the internet and can be used with or without a musical keyboard. All you need is your fingers and a willingness to learn, and you're on your way to learning Do-Re-Mi.

Find out why Lifehacker is raving about the app and why TIME highlighted Pianu Pro as one of their 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New. You can get a Pianu Pro Lifetime Subscription for $159.99 here. It's usually priced at $275.00, so this is a Baby Grand of a steal.

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