Get lifetime access to encrypted cloud storage starting at $49

Get lifetime access to encrypted cloud storage starting at $49
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There's nothing worse than attempting to capture a critical moment on your phone and getting a notification that your storage is full. Free up space and backup all your data with a lifetime subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage.

Keeping our essential photos, videos, documents, and files safe, secure, and accessible is a necessity for many in this digital-reigning day in age. Prism Drive, a mega-fast storage solution that prides itself in being accessible to all, helps ease your worries by protecting your vital data and keeping it secure in one central location.

From JPGs to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the platform works seamlessly to save your large files and add much-needed data space to your iPhone, tablet, or laptop. With an intuitive dashboard that uses easy-to-use drag and drop tools, you'll be able to upload, move, preview, and share any file with the strongest available transfer encryption. High-speed transfers and a secured backup space provide an easily manageable system that works and keeps your various files organized and ready to view.

Collaborate with team members and share files with friends or family wherever you are without compromising your data safety — you'll get unlimited shared traffic. Plus, a nifty 30-day trash history recovery feature recovers files you accidentally delete or documents you decide to keep after all. As reviewed by verified user Romy Forando, Prism Drive is "Highly recommended. I recommended your service to all my co-workers; it's really user-friendly. Keep up the good work!"

The secure and reliable subscription comes in three different tiers that cater to your needs and bring various levels of storage capacity to your devices. Access the Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription with 2TB at $49 (reg. $790), 5TB at $69 (reg. $1,490), and 10TB at $89 (reg. $2,490).

Prices subject to change.