Remote payroll management made simple with this innovative platform

Remote payroll management made simple with this innovative platform
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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? It's likely that keeping track of HR, taxes, and payroll for your company is probably not the most anticipated part of your day. This breakthrough global platform is here to simplify the process.

With working from home on the rise, HR departments have had their work cut out for them. And, if you're a small business owner, that means it's probably fallen on your plate to figure out every little detail. While the technology to work from home has improved, the streamlining of remote payroll, onboarding, etc., has been a significant hurdle for companies of all sizes. Thankfully, there's a solution for all things HR-related that is shaking up the industry.

Remote, a leading HR technology platform that provides tools to manage onboarding, payroll, benefits, and more, has taken the world by storm. Their platform, which has recently announced $150 million in Series B funding, is successfully streamlining the HR process and simplifying it for everyone in an all-in-one platform — ensuring businesses can onboard and manage premium talent globally.

Working from home has become international

Remote knows firsthand the pains and opportunities of being in an organization with a distributed workforce. Conducting research on small to medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S. and the U.K., Remote learned that 66% of companies plan to increase remote work options, while 81% of respondents also admitted to wanting to move while working remotely. The staggering numbers reflect the trend seen worldwide — we don't have to be tied down to our city, state, or even our country.

Remote makes it easy to be compliant

Whether you decide to buy a camping trailer and work on-the-go or move to the south of France, companies like Remote are lowering the barriers and making it as easy to hire and manage a person abroad as it is in your own city. Their global infrastructure is admirable, primarily if you work with candidates from other parts of the world. Hiring internationally has always been a time-consuming, costly, and organizationally challenging endeavor. As a result, many companies have opted out of hiring globally or only bring candidates on when absolutely needed. With people working remotely, however, that philosophy has started to shift. Remote owns local legal entities in over 50 countries, making the process of finalizing salaries, benefits, and onboarding simple. In addition, Remote charges one low flat fee, helping your company stay on budget.

Another impressive feature that helps them stand out from would-be competitors is Remote's easy-to-use interface and attention to customer service. Their dedicated site is designed to quickly and effectively integrate your business needs, complete with white-glove compliance that keeps up to date with the ever-changing regulation. Remote can even help with equity incentive planning, visa and immigration support, and more. Their objective is to get your team organized and taken care of while your company focuses on growth.

As stated by's CEO Job van der Voort in a recent interview, "We want to achieve two goals. One is that we want to make it easy for organizations to scale up. It's still tough to track down talent internationally. Then it’s difficult to hire that talent and to retain it. We want to solve all of that. Our hope is that any company can focus on building product[s] and leading great people. We will take care of everything else."

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