Labor Day Sale on these unique (and affordable) 3D printers

Labor Day Sale on these unique...
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Looking for a cool 3D printer? Both the RoboxDual™ 3D Printer and Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle are great choices if you want to encourage creativity and see the fruits of your imagination come to life. Both printers are currently being sold on fantastic discounts, and enjoy a further 15% off with our Labor Day Sale coupon code SAVE15TODAY.

RoboxDual™ 3D Printer

The RoboxDual™ 3D printer is a fantastic choice for those who want more from their 3D printers. The RoboxDual™ is capable of printing two materials at once, creating parts that single material printers would find difficult or impossible to take on. The printer's unique Headlock System™ means changing out print heads is a breeze, plus there are lots of other cool features like automatic head recognition.

Buy now for just $449.99 down from $1499 at a 69% discount!

Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle

Toys are definitely not just for kids, thanks to the Toybox 3D Printer. Design and print your own toys with this incredibly simple and easy-to-use printer. Unlike most printers, the Toyboxdoesn't need a knife to remove prints, making it safer for kids to use.

Buy now for $314.99 down from $469 at a 32% discount!

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