This award-winning, expandable and durable suitcase is $150 off

This award-winning, expandable and durable suitcase is $150 off
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Although traveling can be exciting, it can very quickly also be stressful — especially if you're traveling by plane. Make your next trip a bit less complicated with luggage that works with your needs and provides the ultimate packing flexibility.

Whether you're jet-setting abroad or traveling for business, the Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase brings you various possibilities. Transforming from a standard carry-on to a full-sized suitcase in a matter of seconds, Rollux was designed to be your go-to suitcase for all trips, big or small.


With an award-winning patented design, the ground-breaking suitcase allows you to get from point A to point B in style without having to worry about spending money on variously sized bags. This suitcase is designed to cater to you. If you plan to pack light, its smallest carry-on size measures 15.7" and can be easily stored in the cabin. However, suppose you hit the ground running during your vacation and shop a little more than expected. In that case, Rollux brings you extra storage room in an instant by expanding up to 120% and measuring in at 33.4" at total capacity.

Not only will the suitcase house all your personal belongings, but it also comes with a power bank pocket that lets you charge while you wait — saving your devices from turning off mid-flight. Other features include durable detachable spinner wheels, a water-resistant and highly durable exterior, and a lightweight PP construction that doesn't create extra weight. With reinforced corners, plenty of pockets, and secure straps, your precious cargo will be taken care of in the Rollux, no matter how much you have in it. When it's not in use, shapeshift it to its smallest size and easily store it in any closet.

While quality luggage can often be costly, the Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase, available in turquoise, is currently price-dropped even further. Regularly sold at $349, you can think bigger and travel smarter for only $199.97 — that's $150 off!

Prices subject to change.