10 Ways to turn Dad's next trip abroad into an epic adventure

10 Ways to turn Dad's next trip abroad into an epic adventure
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TL;DR: Whether it's for Dad, yourself, or anyone else with a case of wanderlust, travel hacks transform stressful logistics into exciting adventures. With the help of Rosetta Stone, you can unlock conversations with the locals, making your journey even more enriching, now on for only $151.99 (reg. $399). Don't delay, this price drop is only around until 16 June 11:59pm PST.

If your dad has the itch for travel, but always gets a bit stressed beforehand, here are a few travel hacks that will make his next getaway easier. Plus with a gift of the Rosetta Stone app this Father’s Day, he’ll better prepared for his adventures.

1. Speak the Lingo like a Local

Rosetta Stone can be Dad's secret weapon on his adventure! This language-learning software offers 24 languages, from Spanish and French to more exotic choices like Japanese and Swahili. It uses images and spoken language to recreate real-world scenarios. Dad will be practicing greetings, ordering food, and asking for directions just like he would in a real market. Rosetta Stone's speech recognition technology will listen to him speak and provide instant feedback, ensuring his accent is on point (or at least charming enough to score him what he wants!). Plus with their bite-sized lessons Dad can squeeze in some language learning between packing his bags and planning his itinerary. Having some knowledge of the local language is a great first step to making travel easier and more fun, and until 11:59PM PST on June 16th, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Rosetta Stone app for the further reduced price of $151.99 (reg. $399).

2. Pack Light, Live Large

Lugging around a suitcase the size of a small car will tire Dad out faster than he can say "Bonjour." Make sure he resists the urge to overpack! He should focus on versatile clothing he can mix and match, and pack for the activities he'll be doing. Remember, most places have laundry facilities, so have him pack light, live large, and conquer those cobblestone streets with ease!

3. Conquer Jet Lag like a Champ

Jet lag can steal precious vacation time. Help Dad adjust to a new time zone by suggesting he gradually shift his sleep schedule before he leaves. On the plane, he needs to stay hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and try to adjust to the new time zone as soon as possible. Once he arrives, he should embrace the sunshine! Getting some natural light during the day will help regulate his internal clock.

4. Be Spontaneous and Open to Adventure

Sometimes, the best travel moments are spur of the moment. Think Dad’s up for an adventure? Encourage him to chat with that local craftsman in Prague and see his workshop! Spotted a hidden beach detour in Bali? Tell him to take a chance! Being open to unexpected adventures can lead to unforgettable experiences.

5. Become a Local Hero: Interact with the People

His trip is all about experiencing new cultures. Get Dad to step outside his comfort zone and chat with the locals. After he’s learned few basic phrases thanks to the Rosetta Stone app, he simply needs to smile, and be open to conversation. He might make new friends and learn a thing or two about the local way of life.

6. Embrace Public Transportation: See the City like a Local

Sure, taxis are convenient, but hopping on a local bus or train is a fantastic way for Dad to immerse himself in the culture. He will get a feel for the city's rhythm, see hidden neighborhoods, and maybe even strike up a conversation with a local commuter. Plus, it's budget-friendly!

7. Keep a Travel Log

Encourage Dad to keep a travel journal to document his adventures. Write about the sights, the sounds, the people he meets, and the funny mishaps (because let's face it, there will be some!). This journal will become a cherished keepsake, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Become a Foodie Fanatic: Sample the Local Flavors

Food is a passport to a new culture! Suggest that Dad avoid the familiar chain restaurants and delve into the local eats. Sample street food from bustling markets, indulge in a traditional regional dish, or take a cooking class to learn how to whip up those delicious local specialties himself.

9. Capture the Memories: Document the Adventures

Throughout the trip, urge Dad to take photos and videos—the bustling markets, the breathtaking landscapes, and of course, him enjoying every moment. Back home, he can compile them into a travel vlog or a photo album to share with the family and relive the adventure for years to come.

10. Embrace the Unexpected: Leave Room for Spontaneity

Tell Dad not to plan every minute! Leave some room for surprises. Dad might stumble upon a hidden gem of a restaurant, a fascinating local festival, or a chance encounter with a friendly local. These unexpected moments are often the ones that will become the most cherished memories of his adventure.

While these tips have been geared towards Dad's special day, the beauty of travel is that these hacks can be applied to anyone embarking on an adventure abroad— for Dad, for yourself, or for anyone who craves a taste of a new culture!

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