Get half off this Sam's Club Membership ahead of the holidays

Get half off this Sam's Club Membership ahead of the holidays
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Right now there is no shortage of places trying to up their convenience. But, what could be more convenient than finding a deal when shopping? If you're interested in savings, then you're in luck! Because of how thankful we are for you this holiday season, right now you can get a Sam's Club Membership for 50% off as a part of our Thankful Deals Campaign.

With a Sam's Club membership, customers can find groceries, kitchen supplies, electronics, and furniture. Purchasers of this deal receive a complimentary household card for more savings from already low-priced items. Plus, members of Sam's club also get discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions, movies, and more!

With all of the perks of a Sam's Club membership, it comes as no surprise that there are many satisfied customers singing the praises of the club. One verified user, in particular, couldn't help but put the savings to usage immediately, stating, "Very happy with this purchase! We started shopping at Sam's right away. I actually prefer this over Costco." Another verified customer was very grateful for all of the included features, saying, "I love the taste testing before I buy the products. I love the bulk buying. I love the discounts at the gas pump. and all the great options of products. Thank you." Another user loved the discounts, stating, "Easy to purchase plenty of savings. The app offers many discounts on different categories. Looking forward to using it again."

Right now you can get a Sam's Club 1 Year Membership for Only $24.99 as a part of our Thankful Deals campaign. That's a 50% markdown from its MSRP of $50! No coupon is necessary to claim this deal, but hurry, because these deals end November 23rd at 11:59PM Pacific.

Prices subject to change