The world's most intuitive drone control system is now on sale

The world's most intuitive dro...
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If you've been thinking of buying a drone, but just don't know when the right time is, now's your chance. SHIFT RED, a unique portable and compact quadcopter drone geared with state-of-the-art vision recognition brings you everything you need to kickstart your new favorite hobby. Best yet, it has now been price-dropped to only $199.95. Read on to learn more.

Highly rated on Amazon, this popular drone is not like the others. This powerful and sleek gadget encompasses the world's first and most intuitive drone control system and comes equipped with a one-hand control system that allows it to effortlessly zig-zag through the air. Possible only through Near-Field Micro-Sensing technology, the SHIFT RED Drone brings you precise flight control and takes fantastic shots with just a click of a button. The Lens Distortion Correction is so spot on that it ultimately takes snapshots as if you were viewing the landscapes yourself. You'll be able to quickly transfer all of the images and videos captured wirelessly without having to remove the SD card from the drone, showing all your content to friends and family as soon as you shoot the footage.

Other features include eight auto-pilot modes, Virtual Gimbal software that reduces the blur when pivoting or tilting, sensor fusion technology that recognizes its 3D location/speed, and so much more. The bundle comes complete with a SHIFT RED Controller, battery, shift control ring, guide, and USB cable for easy charging, making it a great all-in-one gift to give or receive.

While the SHIFT RED: Drone Package is typically valued at $300, but you can purchase yours today for just $199.95. Start changing the way you view the world and capture beautiful imagery with this powerful and portable drone.

Prices subject to change.