Snap up this pair of refurbished Altec Lansing earphones for $37

Snap up this pair of refurbished Altec Lansing earphones for $37
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Your choice of headphones can make or break your workouts. Even if a pair promises to deliver superb sound quality, that becomes moot if they end up being ill-fitting as you go through your reps or if they conk out the moment you start sweating. You'd want your earphones to fit comfortably and would stay secure the entire time, bonus points if they'd allow you to take hands-free calls. The earbuds that fit that bill happen to be the Altec Lansing NanoBuds Sport, which are specifically designed to get you into the zone during any workout.

Now's your last chance to snap up a refurbished pair for $36.99 — no coupon required.

These earbuds come equipped with Altec Lansing Helix Wings to keep them in place even through rigorous exercises and have an IPX4 water resistance rating, making them sweatproof. They also have anti-microbial protection that repels 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs that may come in contact.

In terms of battery life, the NanoBuds Sport lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge, but they come with an accompanying charging case that offers additional charges to stretch it up to 30 hours of use. They also have a dual microphone built-in, so you can hear and be heard clearly when taking calls.

While this pair is tagged as refurbished, it's worth noting that they're premium recertified. This simply means that they have passed stringent testing by certified technicians to ensure all components are in perfect working order. To make them appear brand new, they have also gone through a detailed cosmetic renewal process and placed in the safest packaging possible to ensure they arrive at your door ready to rock.

From now until September 30, you can snag the refurbished Altec Lansing NanoBuds Sport for only $36.99. That's a 7 percent discount from the usual retail price of $39.

Prices subject to change.