Don't let low battery dampen your holidays—power up with Speedy Mag

Don't let low battery dampen your holidays—power up with Speedy Mag
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TL;DR: The Speedy Mag iPhone Charger seamlessly combines sleek design, wireless convenience, rapid charging capabilities, and built-in safeguards, offering a stylish and efficient charging experience while eliminating the need to worry about overcharging, now only $34.97 (reg. $119.95).

FOMO takes on a new dimension when exacerbated by waning phone batteries. As that dreaded icon plunges into the red, the anxiety of losing touch intensifies. With this Speedy Mag Wireless iPhone Charger you can help relieve some of that angst.

The prospect of missing out on social updates, important messages, or navigating in an unfamiliar place becomes all too real when the possibility of a dead battery looms. It's a modern dilemma that leaves us torn between conserving battery life and staying connected. Thankfully with this iPhone charger you can focus more on the latter while the former becomes a worry of the past.

The iPhone lovers on your list are going to love seeing this in their stockings, while you’re going to love that we’ve dropped the price even further. Regularly valued at $119.95, until November 26th (and ahead of Black Friday) we are offering this Apple must-have for the further reduced price of $34.97.

The Speedy Mag iPhone Charger marries elegance with modern functionality, offering a seamless wireless charging experience for your iPhone. With its discreet magnet and metal plate, it firmly clings to your phone, making certain it stays put without any unwanted slips. The charger's sleek, contemporary design not only complements your device but also guarantees automatic charging the moment your iPhone rests on it. Equipped with intelligent safeguards against overcharging, the Fast Mag Wireless eliminates the need for the tedious waiting game and constant plugging and unplugging. Tailored for Apple devices, it delivers a rapid power infusion, making your charging experience quick and efficient.

Thanks to the incorporation of Speedy Charge technology, your phone enjoys swift and cable-free charging. The Speedy Mag empowers you to position your device however you like, eliminating the need for additional adapters. It's the ideal companion for users of iPhone 12 and beyond, all while ensuring the safety of your device with built-in protective features. Say goodbye to the hassle of conventional charging and say hello to the future of effortless power replenishment.

Available in your choice of three colors, white, blue and black, get the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 and up for only $34.97 (reg. $119.95) until 11:59PM PST, November 26, 2023, no coupon required.

Prices subject to change