Go on a spring learning spree with 20% off StackSkills & Rosetta Stone

Go on a spring learning spree with 20% off StackSkills & Rosetta Stone
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TL;DR: Unleash your potential with a lifetime subscription to StackSkills and Rosetta Stone, empowering you to master in-demand skills and converse fluently in a new language, all at the further reduced price of $151.99 (reg. $849) with code ENJOY20.

The world is an ever-evolving tapestry of knowledge, and those who embrace lifelong learning find themselves enriched on both personal and professional levels. As Alfred Tennyson aptly stated, "The education of a man is never completed."

The act of continuous learning keeps our minds sharp, opens doors to new opportunities, and fosters a sense of accomplishment. To fuel your own journey of discovery, consider this exciting offer: a powerful combination of StackSkills Unlimited and Rosetta Stone for $151.99 with code ENJOY20—a further 20% discount off our already reduced price.

StackSkills Unlimited removes the barrier between you and your learning goals. This online platform offers a dynamic library of over 1,000 courses that cater to a vast array of interests, from in-demand IT and development skills to creative pursuits like graphic design. New courses are continuously added each month, ensuring you have access to the latest industry knowledge.

StackSkills boasts a team of over 350 expert instructors who are passionate about sharing their practical knowledge, honed through real-world successes and failures. Their engaging teaching style keeps you motivated, and built-in progress tracking allows you to monitor your learning journey. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine existing skills, StackSkills offers a range of courses suited to all levels. Plus, with certifications available for select courses and quarterly instructor Q&A sessions, you'll gain the confidence and practical skills to impress in your chosen field.

Rosetta Stone offers a refreshing alternative to language learning, with 25 languages to choose from. Forget clunky grammar drills—its immersive approach mirrors how children acquire their first language. By associating images and sounds, you build a strong foundation for intuitive language comprehension.

TruAccent, the app’s advanced speech recognition technology, analyzes your pronunciation at a staggering rate of 100 times per second. This personalized approach goes beyond rote memorization, empowering you to not just translate words on a page, but to truly develop your command of a new language. With Rosetta Stone, you'll be reading, writing, speaking, and understanding with confidence – a skillset valued by major organizations and trusted for over 27 years.

Open doors to opportunity and a world of new possibilities with a lifetime subscription to StackSkills and Rosetta Stone for $151.99 (reg. $849) with code ENJOY20, but only until 11:59PM PST on April 16, 2024.

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