Get a stylish 3-in-1 leather wireless charger for under $150

Get a stylish 3-in-1 leather wireless charger for under $150
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There are times when we think we’d rather live without technology, but the truth is as soon as the power bar on our Apple devices starts to wane, we stress. Don’t panic. This wireless charger will keep them running at full battery in stylish fashion.

Seems that “battery anxiety” has become a real phobia. In fact, in a study conducted in 2016 by LG, it was discovered that nearly 90% of people have a physical fear of losing power. Because we have become so attached, and perhaps even dependent, on our devices, we feel helpless when they are rendered unusable. It’s not uncommon for us to drop everything in order to run home and charge them to full capacity so that we can get back on track.

Of course, the best solution is not to let yourself get into that predicament. If you can get into the habit of charging up your devices regularly, perhaps nightly or whenever is convenient, you would be able to rest easy knowing that a low battery is not going to become a problem. This 3-in-1 wireless charger features magnetic alignment ensuring a constant and stable charge. It allows you to juice up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. Built-in safety guards, 360⁰ free rotation, and extension cables make this charger reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. Plus the genuine leather construction adds a level of sophistication and durability.

VogDUO 3-in-1 Genuine Leather Magnetic Wireless Charger

Satisfied customers are raving. D. Joseph writes, “You should get one. This is the only charger stand that I've seen by now that has such an artistic look. It works well and charges my iPhone, AirPods, and watch.” A. Bowen praises, “I knew that [my father] had been looking for a decent organizer on the nightstand for a long time. I am glad that VogDUO did a great job and won me a hug from my dad.” Get yours today for $149.99 and see if you don’t agree.

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