Fend off the mosquitoes this spring with this ultrasonic watch band

Fend off the mosquitoes this spring with this ultrasonic watch band
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We're not the only ones excited by the oncoming of spring. Mosquitoes are gearing up to enjoy the refreshments that you are unwillingly about to supply. Don't be the host of their festivities. Wear this Super Shield watch band and repel those nasty bugs.

There are few things that can ruin a backyard barbecue faster than those annoying buzzing insects, all lying in wait, eying their target, rubbing their spindly front legs together in anticipation of the feast that has so generously presented itself to them—that being your succulent exposed skin. Sure you can light the citronella, spray on the repellent, or just opt to slap yourself silly. But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just slip something on your wrist that would keep those blood-suckers at bay?

This Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band could be the answer to your prayers! Made of a light, comfortable silicone, this easy-to-wear accessory emits a high ultrasonic sound that helps to keep those pesky skeeters away, so you can enjoy all your activities—indoors or out—in peace.

Non-toxic and waterproof, this environmentally friendly watch band charges up quickly and lasts up to 130 hours. So go ahead—brave the great outdoors. Plan your next camping trip, start getting the garden ready, or just enjoy your backyard to its fullest, without worrying about donating your blood to the wildlife. Take it from this satisfied customer who claims that since sporting this watch band, she has “not been bitten since …, which is very unusual for me. Generally, mosquitoes are all over me in minutes in the evening. I would highly recommend this product.”

During our Spring Refresh campaign, this watch band can be yours for only $16.99, a 57% discount off the suggested retail price, no coupon required. This deal will not only save you money but potentially your entire spring and summer!

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