High-tech pen and notebook will change how you put the world into words

High-tech pen and notebook wil...
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We don't want to say that the transition to nearly 100% digital functioning has caused us to forget how to literally dot the i's and cross the t's, but we have to admit, our handwriting has gotten a bit...sloppy. And although we're used to typing on keyboards and screens of all sizes, there's something special about pulling out the pen and paper. That's why, when they rolled out the SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen and Notebook set, users everywhere were happy to jot down their thoughts the old-school way knowing they could be easily converted into the digital format we have all grown accustomed to.

This pen and pad do it all: Together, they convert handwritten notes, doodles, and sketches into editable digital files, allow capturing 360° angles of notes, enable paperless writing, identify 66 languages, and synchronously record audio with a note. You simply write in the notebook as you would with any notebook. When you're ready to save or share your notes, you can send them out as a PDF, Word, or JPEG file.

Sync Pen - NEWYES 2nd generation Smart pen - 2020 kickstarter release

The successful Kickstarter campaign behind the SyncPen makes it pretty clear a lot of people are enjoying the benefit of handwritten notes and editable digital versions of them—the best of both worlds.

This particular set takes things a step further and includes not just the SyncPen and compatible notebook but also an LCD writing pad, 3 ballpoint pen refills, 3 Plastic refills, and test paper. Valued at $199, you can get it here for $149.99, a 24% discount.

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