Looking for a domain name? Here's why you should go with .tech

Looking for a domain name? Her...
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The internet can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have a slew of information at your fingertips, but on the other, there is so much noise to cut through for your content to be seen. If you're starting a new project, have recently decided to spruce up your brand, or have a digital event in the works for next year, getting your name out is bound to be a top priority.

So how can you reach the right audience? For starters, attaining the perfect domain name can be the difference between being seen and being glazed over. If you're in the tech world, it's an even more significant challenge, as so many new brands and companies are regularly competing in the digital realm. Tech has been a major economic driving force for over half a century, and it's not stopping anytime soon. Top-level .tech domains bring forth an innovative solution that can help bring your projects to life by helping you stand out from the competition.

Why go with .tech?

Having the right domain name can be a crucial factor in being found via search—especially when it comes to keywords. With a .tech domain, not only will your name be easy to comprehend, but you'll likely have an easier time showing up in search consoles for relevant keywords.

But perhaps one of its most compelling features is the uncomplicated and flexible manner that .tech domains allow you to customize your domain in the straightforward format you truly desire. No longer will you have to scramble to find variations of your company name or opt for a shortened version because your chosen domain is not available on .com or .net address extensions. The sheer availability of domain names on .tech allows your brand to flourish in your perspective space.

Whether you’re a retailer, a developer, an entrepreneur, or a student, your .tech extension immediately associates your name with a website that is all about tech. The service is used by major players in the tech scene, including CES and Intel, and thousands of developers and tech enthusiasts. Are you next?

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