Treat your muscles to some much-needed relief with this pillow

Treat your muscles to some muc...
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If you're like most individuals around the world, chances are you've been working a lot more at home. With our bodies not used to our new at-home setups, our muscles may start to take on added pressure in various areas of our bodies. The Tekjoy Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow assists in alleviating some of the pain and helps in avoiding high monetary costs from physical therapy. Plus, it is now available for purchase at 35% off.

Bringing in the ancient practice of the Japanese bodywork, Shiatsu, and combining it with heat, this full-body massager is designed to alleviate tightness in your body. It features four simple controls that adjust 8 kneading heads, heat, 3 speeds, and direction to deliver a powerful massage experience.

An extended velcro strap is included with the soft kneading pillow, allowing you to massage your shoulders, neck, arms, back, legs, and so much more without having to use your hands. And, with an extended 6ft AC and car adapter, you'll be able to take your massage pillow on the go and charge it up quickly. Best yet, this portable device can save you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be used at the spa.

Typically sold at $70, the Tekjoy Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow with Extended Velcro Strap is now 35% off — that's only $44.99. Unwind while at home and enjoy the benefits of this relaxing and soothing massage gadget. Your muscles and your wallet will thank you.

Prices subject to change.

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