This oven cooks meals by scanning grocery items and recipes

This oven cooks meals by scann...
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With more time spent at home these days, we are forced to start coming up with different ways to keep ourselves fed. While takeout is an excellent alternative to cooking, it can quickly turn into a money-draining habit, especially with added delivery fees. The Tovala Smart Oven + Fresh Meal Delivery Voucher is a clever alternative to eating healthy at home without putting in all the prep work.

A revolutionary smart oven-paired meal service for individuals who like home-cooked meals (but don't enjoy the work), Tovala is raising the bar when it comes to at-home meals. Easily connecting to WiFi and equipped with its own app, the Tovala Smart Oven simply needs to scan one of the delivered recipe cards included in the kit to do all the work. Place the given ingredients in the oven and sit back while it steams, bakes, or toasts the ingredients you put in there, all in 20 minutes or less. Just sit back and let the smart-oven work wonders.

Not only will the oven sync with your delivered recipes, but it will also scan over 650 grocery items from Scan-to-Cook brands that you already love and buy. Knowing exactly how long each type of food (such as that yummy Trader Joe's oven pizza you just purchased) takes to cook, it will produce a hot meal warmed to perfection. With five built-in cooking modes, you can also put together your own meals with the ingredients you have at home. It is an effective solution to healthier cooking, all for a fraction of the time spent in the kitchen.

The Tovala Smart Oven + Fresh Meal Delivery Voucher is priced at almost $350, but, for a limited time, you can start eating at home for only $232.99. Redefine your relationship with food and simplify the cooking process with a simple scan of a code.

*Prices subject to change.

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