Truebill is the savior your aching budget has been waiting for

Truebill is the savior your aching budget has been waiting for
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It’s alarming to consider that more than 1 in 5 U.S. adults have no emergency savings. Sadly, we get it. With uncertain economic times and rising inflation, it’s no surprise that there’s higher anxiety than ever over money. Truebill has answers.

It starts with getting a lot more intimately connected with the state of your everyday finances. We spend $5 a day on Starbucks premium coffee orders, $60 on an impulse Target run, and another $19.99 a month by adding the latest streaming service, then wonder where all the money went at the end of the month.

Truebill is the all-in-one finance app that can tell you exactly where it all goes. And not only does this efficient, reliable, and safe money management tool help members account for every penny of their earnings, it proactively assesses all of their expenses looking for new ways to save an extra dollar.

Subscriptions can be a killer considering most of us are often regularly paying for at least one service or product we don’t need or won’t use anymore. Truebill investigates your accounts and credit card statements, then gathers up all of your subscriptions into one place so it’s easy to see exactly what you’re paying for – and exactly what you shouldn’t be paying for. And once you decide you’re done with a service, Truebill will pull the trigger and handle the cancellation for you.

Truebill is also home to a full team of expert negotiators who can represent you to get lower rates on your cable or phone bill, insurance premiums, banking fees, and more. The service also features budgeting tools so members can assemble weekly or monthly plans that categorize all their spending, track their most frequent expenses, and present everything with easy-to-follow visuals so you always know how much you have left until your next payday.

Along with monitoring your current credit score and other information, Truebill will also help spearhead your efforts to save money too. With special customizable savings goals, members can automatically put money aside to go directly toward those short-term and long-term projects. From an expensive treat for yourself to a college education for the kids, Truebill can make sure that money stays focused on a final destination and doesn’t disappear in an impulse spend.

With 2 million members already on board with a combined savings of over $100 million, you can join Truebill's ranks as well. According to five-star reviewer Marie on Trustpilot, "Truebill has already saved me over $50 a month, and I received a refund of $150 for a subscription I wasn't even using. In addition, they are disputing a $25 late fee my bank charged me for being ONE day late on a credit card payment when I have always been on time."

Check out the benefits of Truebill for yourself by opening an account now.