Host a notable outdoor theater screening with this portable bundle

Host a notable outdoor theater screening with this portable bundle
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It's hard to believe summer is around the corner. Kick off the season by bringing friends and family together for a special memorial day movie screening — from the comfort of your backyard.

Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the remarkable Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector provides a unique cinema-grade experience for movie-watching, game-playing, or Netflix show binge-watching and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Weighing in at only .66lbs and measuring just 1" thick, Wemax Go allows you to watch movies for up to 4 hours when connected to a power bank. Pairing with any of your devices via 2.4GH Wi-Fi, the device will display different content in high-quality 1080p HD resolution and 102% Red.709 Color Gamut.

Using an ALPD high-quality miniaturized laser, Wemax Go brings remarkable crystal-clear projections with a double-bright display in your backyard, living room, or any large wall. The ALDP quality is, in fact, 200% brighter than traditional LED laser projectors, bringing with it an ultimate quality that is vibrant even with the sun shining through your windows. There's also a Smart Eye Protection feature that keeps your eyes protected while displaying your favorite films.

Wemax Go - World's Thinnest ALPD Laser Projector (Official)

The bundle comes with the Wemax 50" ALR Portable Projector Screen, a free-standing compact accessory seamlessly working with Wemax Go. With 4K display support and a 7-layer optics precision structure, you’ll be able to cast an impressive projection without detail loss that may occur on other surfaces. You'll also be able to cast your content during the day without compromising display quality.

While the Outdoor Movie Bundle: Wemax Go Portable Projector & 50" Portable Screen is typically sold at $798, this movie-watching set can be purchased today at $549.99 — saving you nearly $250. Bring the big screen to your backyard or any outdoor event and celebrate the start of summer with this impressive duo.

 Prices subject to change.